Pro Golfer Arrested for DUI

Posted by Richard Lawson | Mar 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

On Thursday, professional golfer Rachel Connor was arrested for DUI. Ms. Connor, 21 years of age, was driving in FL when DUI officers noticed her speeding and failing to maintain her lane of travel. She had a passenger, NFL palyer Eddie Georgia, in the front passenger seat. According to the DUI, the law enforcement officers smelled the odor of alcohol when they approached Ms. Connor. Ms. Connor admitted to consuming vodka according to the report. Ms. Connor agreed to submit to a breath test and blew a .133, which is well over both the FL and GA legal limit. According to the DUI report, Ms. Connor also struggles on the DUI field sobriety evaluations.

The same type of pattern occurs nightly in north Fulton County. Jurisditions such as Roswell, Alpharetta and Johns Creek maintain a stringent DUI patrol. If you fail to abide by any traffic laws - from speeding to a seatbelt violation, you are facing a legal vehicle stop. If the DUI officers smell alcohol or for any reason believe you have been drinkling, then they will likely ask you to take the field tests and to submit to a breath or blood test. Prosecuting attorneys and judges in Roswell and Alpharetta don't look too kindly on DUI offenders, especially if you have a prior offense. They try their best to punish you harshly. That is where we come in. Our team of lawyers are dedicated to DUI defense and get clients results. An arrest does not have to mean a conviction. We win cases all the time. Call our Roswell DUI office today for a free case consultation.

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