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Have You Been Charged with Vehicular Homicide?

Vehicular homicide is the most serious form of DUI. These cases are often very stressful as the individual charged often knows the passenger who has died (passenger vehicular homicide). Even under these circumstances, one must protect their rights and fight for a fair trial. In many cases, the charges are completely unfounded and can falsely implicate an individual. Law enforcement may not examine the entire accident once they believe that the driver was under the influence and may miss important evidence that indicates who is really to blame. You will need powerful legal representation from an experienced vehicular homicide defense attorney immediately.

Defending Against Charges of Vehicular Homicide in Roswell

Vehicular homicide can be classified as a felony or a misdemeanor.  This designation depends on the details of the cases - both charges are very serious. A charge of misdemeanor vehicular homicide is caused by the violation of the basic traffic law and rules of the road that caused a death; you can face up a year in jail from this charge. A felony Vehicular Homicide charge is the result of a death caused by DUI or Reckless Driving. This charge can carry as many as 15 years in jail.

You must act quickly to handle the DUI portion of the charge if you hope to avoid felony vehicular manslaughter charges. This is a serious charge and requires the experience found at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson.  Identifying a compelling defense for the DUI portion of your case is a top priority. Your future is at stake and you should do everything you can to build the strongest defense possible.

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