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Have you recently been charged with drunken driving? These kinds of charges simply cannot be taken lightly. If you are successfully convicted, you could be facing a lifetime of consequences. It is therefore extremely important that you do not hesitate to seek out the representation of a knowledgeable and experienced Roswell DUI attorney that you can truly trust. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we focus exclusively on helping in DUI cases; you can therefore breathe easier knowing that if you work with us that we will be able to give you the support that you truly deserve.

Why hire a Roswell DUI defense attorney?

It might be tempting to believe that you do not need a lawyer for assistance in your DUI case. Perhaps it appears to be a clear-cut issue, or perhaps you simply believe that all attorneys are created equally. Allowing yourself to believe this, however, is a huge mistake. Not all lawyers are the same and your future is too important to leave in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer. You need aggressive legal representation that you can rely on. At our firm, we offer you years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the DUI process. If you choose to work with us, you can be confident knowing you have a heavyweight on your side looking out for your best interests.

At our firm, we are able to help with a variety of issues, including:

DUI Process
When a person is first pulled over on suspected drunken driving, the officer will require the driver to perform a serious of field sobriety tests. Once the officer has determine that the driver is drunk, he or she will be arrested and booked. The DUI process following this arrest is very serious and can lead to harsh consequences. Click here to read more about the DUI process

Accidents and Serious Injury by Vehicle
If you were arrested on charges of causing a DUI accident resulting in serious injury to another person, it is very important for you to speak to a lawyer right away. While you may have been disoriented at the time of the accident, an officer may have arrested you because you were believed to be intoxicated. Click here to read more about accidents and serious injury by vehicle

ALS Hearings
What is an ALS hearing? Known as an Administrative License Suspension hearing, this formal hearing will require your attorney to contest the suspension of your driving privileges. You will have thirty days to request this hearing with the Department of Driver's Services. Click here to read more about ALS hearings

Blood & Breath Tests
Blood tests and breath tests are strategies that law enforcement officers will engage in to secure the evidence and probable cause to believe that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have failed one of these tests, talk to an attorney to find out the defenses you can employ. Click here to read more about blood and breath tests

Child Endangerment
Child endangerment is a criminal charge that is acquired when a person drives under the influence of alcohol with a child under the age of 15 in the vehicle. These charges are taken very seriously by the state and may even involve an investigation by a federal child protective agency. Click here to read more about child endangerment

Drugs & DUI
Similar to driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs or another mind-altering substance is against the law. Unfortunately, many people who face DUI of drugs charges may have been driving while influenced by an over-the-counter medication that they did not know was harmful. Click here to read more about drugs and DUI

DUI Under 21
Minors and individuals under the age of 21 are prohibited from purchasing, consuming, and driving under the influence of alcohol. If your child was arrested and charged with underage DUI, you need to obtain a lawyer right away – their entire future is in jeopardy! Click here to read more about DUI under 21

Field Sobriety Tests
Field sobriety tests are subjective testing methods that are used at police stops to help an officer determine if a driver is under the influence. These tests can include a walk-and-turn test, one-leg-stand test or the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. If you failed a field sobriety test, talk to a DUI lawyer from our firm. Click here to read more about field sobriety tests

GA DUI By Out Of State Driver
Are you a resident of a state other than Georgia who was charged with driving under the influence while visiting the state? Many people vacation and visit Georgia every year, and if you were in Georgia and wrongfully charged with DUI, you may be facing penalties here and in your home state. Click here to read more about Georgia DUI by an out of state driver

Marijuana Cases
Driving under the influence of marijuana or a similar mind-altering substance is a wrongful act in our state. If you are facing these criminal charges, it is likely that you will be charged with a drug offense for possession as well. Immediately talk to an attorney from our firm to learn more about your rights in a marijuana case. Click here to read more about marijuana cases

Minor in Possession of Alcohol
Was your underage child caught in the possession of alcohol? Whether they were holding it for a friend or bringing it to their parents, it is against the law in our state and will be toughly prosecuted. With underage drinking cases, even if the offense did not involve driving, the prosecutor may push to have the minor's license suspended. Click here to read more about minor in possession of alcohol

Plea Bargain vs. Trial
Should you accept a plea bargain or bring your drunk driving case to trial? While the plea bargain may sound appealing to you, it is best to listen to your attorney for an important decision such as this, especially if you were wrongfully arrested for this offense. Click here to read more about plea bargain vs. trial

Prescription Drugs & DUI
Contrary to common belief, driving while under the influence of a prescription drug or an over-the-counter medication may be constituted as a crime in the state of Georgia. If the drug alters your mind or ability to drive in any way, it can pose a danger to you and others on the road. Click here to read more about prescription drugs and DUI

Prior DUI Convictions
Having prior drunk driving convictions on your criminal record can affect the way that the prosecution will view your case. Once a driver already has multiple convictions on his or her record, maximum penalties will be sought. Your attorney can fight to achieve alternative sentencing in a case such as this, which may be much more beneficial to you in the long run. Click here to read more about prior DUI convictions

Refusals / Alleged Refusals
If an officer states that you have refused the breath or blood test, you may be facing serious criminal consequences. Although the officer may not have any physical evidence against you, it is still unlawful to refuse the state test. Whether the refusal came from a misunderstanding, it will still be important to hire a DUI defense lawyer. Click here to read more about refusals and alleged refusals

Roadside Checkpoints
Were you arrested after submitting to a sobriety test or breath tests at a roadside checkpoints? These checkpoints are designed to catch drunk drivers in areas of high frequency, but sometimes result in wrongful arrests and accusations. Click here to read more about roadside checkpoints

Suspended License
Failing to schedule a meeting in regards to your driving privileges within thirty days of your arrest will result in an automatic license suspension. If you are found to be driving once your driver's license has been suspended, you will be facing additional criminal charges. Click here to read more about suspended license

Vehicular Homicide
Vehicular homicide, often referred to as vehicular manslaughter, is the result of a serious DUI-caused car accident. If you were accused of causing a drunk driving accident that resulted in the wrongful death of another person, do not wait any longer before talking to a skilled DUI attorney. Click here to read more about vehicular homicide

Violation of Probation
Oftentimes, a person will be put on probation after they have been arrested, charged, and convicted of driving under the influence. During this time, the individual is expected to follow by the rules of the probation and cannot get into trouble with the law. If the person violates probation, serious consequences generally follow. Click here to read more about violation of probation

Defense for Your Roswell Drunk Driving Charges

At our law firm, we protect individuals who are facing all types of drunk driving charges from the serious consequences that often follow. With background as a former DUI prosecutor, our leading attorney can be one step ahead of the prosecution. We can use our insight and knowledge into the criminal justice system to the advantage of every case we take on. With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on our law firm to deliver the results that you need and the compassion that you deserve. Before attempting to defend yourself in court or pleading guilty, talk to our law firm at a consultation. We can inform you as to your rights and the legal options you have at the current time. Don't wait any longer – you only have ten days to call our firm and fight to save your driver's license.

For more information about the charges you may be facing and to learn about how we can help you through this difficult time, contact Roswell DUI attorney Richard S. Lawson today.

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