Failure to Maintain Lane

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Failure to Maintain Lane in Fulton County 

Failure to maintain lane is a commonly charged offense that encompasses a large variety of behaviors. As Georgia DUI Lawyers, we frequently see this charged along with DUI. When charged with DUI and other offenses, it is critical that you retain an experienced Roswell DUI Lawyer as soon as possible. Your license is on the line and while this both may be considered misdemeanor offenses, they can have a huge impact on your everyday life. 

What does Failure to Maintain Lane Mean?

Failure to maintain lane is a traffic violation that occurs when a driver does not stay within their designated lane without a valid reason. This could include drifting across lane lines, swerving, or changing lanes without signaling. The law makes this open to interpretation so you need an experienced Roswell DUI Lawyer who can help dispute the testimony of the law enforcement officer. 

In addition, once you are stopped, this can lead to a DUI investivation if the officer thinks the failure was due to an impaired state. 

Penalty for Failure to Maintain Lane in Roswell, Alpharetta, or Fulton County

A conviction for failure to maintain lane will usually result in a small fine and three points on your driver's license. It is important to remember that while 3 points may not seem very much, an accumulation of 15 points in 2 years will lead to a license suspension for six months. For a person under 21 years of age, 4 points will result in the driver's license being suspended.

However, as we discussed previously, failure to maintain lane is often associated with other tickets. Charges such as DUI or possession or marijuana carry severe consequences that will have a significant impact on your life.

Therefore, it is best to hire a failure to maintain lane attorney in Roswell from the very beginning! There are always defenses available to you, and our experienced Fulton County Traffic Tickets Lawyers are here to help.

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Failure to maintain lane and DUI charges can have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond the courtroom.  Understanding the gravity of these charges and the necessity of an experienced DUI Attorney in Roswell can make all the difference in your case. At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, our attorneys have over 25 years of experience and are dedicated to achieving great results for our clients. Call now for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 

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