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A DUI charge can be very complicated; it is vastly important that you contact and experienced and knowledgeable Doraville DUI defense lawyer immediately following your arrest. Your lawyer will be able answer important questions such as: will you lose your license, will you go to jail and how much will your fine be? It is vital that you establish a strong defense for your case and you understand the complex process of a driving under the influence charge. The first step that you should take to help reduce the damage that a DUI charge can cause to your future is to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Each DUI case is unique and you should get the individualized attention that your case deserves and needs in order to improve your chances of a positive outcome.

If you choose to do nothing and plead guilty without consulting with an experienced legal team, it is almost certain that you will be convicted and could face jail time, fines, community services, and the suspension of your driver's license. If your DUI is especially serious, meaning the incident involved injuries, death, or you had a minor in the vehicle with you, you may be considered the responsible party due to the DUI even if evidence may tell a different story altogether. When the circumstances of your DUI charge are very serious, it becomes even more critical that you contact qualified legal representation to help build the best defense possible for your case.

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The legal team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson is exceptionally qualified to handle your case. We have over 20 years of experience defending DUI cases exclusively and we bring a wealth of experience to your case that would be difficult to find elsewhere. We will do all that we can to research, build and apply a strong defense for your case. We have access to powerful resources and a commitment to staying abreast of current changes in legislation and scientific research that may impact your case. Our legal team will bring in expert witnesses that will support our findings and improve the chances of a positive outcome for your case. The legal team is familiar with and defends all of the following issues related to DUI charges:

It is critical that you act quickly following an arrest. Contact an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson as soon after your arrest as possible. You only have to provide the arresting officer with your name and address and other pertinent information (like driver's license and registration). Once you have been read your rights, it is of the utmost importance that you do not say anything else until you have spoken with your legal representative. he damaging information that you provide after your arrest can be used against you and may weaken and or complicate your case and impact the outcome of your trial. It is very important that you have legal representation before police or investigators interview you after the incident. Law enforcement officials are trained to ask you questions that will incriminate you and make you appear as though you were under the influence during the incident. Often, individuals make statements under these circumstances that only create a more difficult situation and these statements can and will be used against you during your trial.

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The legal team at our firm is prepared to assist you with your charge and subsequent case. We will work tirelessly on your defense and fight to diminish or eliminate the impact of a DUI charge to your life and future. We will marshal all of the resources available for the defense of you case and thoroughly review the evidence in order to build the strongest defense possible. Your best interests will be our top priority - you can expect a knowledgeable, skilled and qualified DUI attorney to guide you through the process and help you fully understand the options available to you. Don't face these charges alone; your future is at stake and it's important to know that your best defense begins here.

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