Doraville DUI Breath Test Refusal

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Doraville seems to be turning into a police state with officers frequently pulling people over and writing numerous DUI and traffic offense tickets. However, DUI charges are much more serious than a regular traffic ticket. After you are pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Doraville, and the cop interrogates you and administers some type of field sobriety tests, the officer will usually want to conduct blood or breath DUI test. This is a test of the drivers blood, breath, or urine that measures the amount of alcohol in the drivers system and reflects it as a percentage. Before the Doraville or Dekalb County officer gives such tests, the police officer must read the driver an “Implied Consent” warning. This implied consent notice basically means that by virtue of having a drivers license, the driver has agreed in advance to submit to such tests. The driver has the right, at his or her own expense, to request an independent blood test in addition of taking the test the offer chooses. However, the driver still has to take the officers test choice or it will count as a refusal. A refusal to take the officers test can be really problematic as the consequence for refusing is a one year suspension of Georgia driving privileges. An experienced DUI attorney should be consulted to discuss Georgia drivers license issues as well as dealing with the consequences of a refusal of the officers test regarding the criminal prosecution. DUI attorney Richard S. Lawson has experience with these issues and his office can be reached 24/7 for Doraville DUI consultations.

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