Alpharetta DUI Case Plea Bargains and Offers

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In Alpharetta DUI cases, there are three main ways in which the case can be resolved. These are (1) total dismissal of the DUI charges, (2) a guilty plea; and (3) a not guilty verdict/acquittal at a bench or jury trial.

Getting the case dismissed or the charges reduced is always the best option. Consulting a DUI attorney early on in the process is key to formulating a legal defense strategy that can make this happen. Alpharetta prosecuting attorneys aggressively pursue DUI cases, but DUI defense attorneys often get cases dismissed for no probable cause, insufficient evidence, or police error.

Early on in the case, a "not guilty" plea can be made and you can demand a bench or jury trial. At trial, ff you are not found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, all charges are cleared.

The third option is to enter a plea of guilty. A guilty plea is the most common way in which charges in any criminal cases are resolved. In most cases, a Fulton County or City of Alpharetta prosecutor will make a plea bargain offer in which they will recommend a particular sentence to the court if you plead guilty to the charges of DUI. This offer typically is to the complete DUI charge and requires jail time, probation and large fines.

Even if you do not plan to contest the DUI charges against you and intend to enter a guilty plea, a DUI lawyer can help you negotiate a just and appropriate plea bargain. An experienced and diligent DUI attorney can oftentimes get DUI charges reduced, get fines, jail time, and community service requirements reduced, and help you get your drivers license back. Call the Law Offices of Richard Lawson today for a free consultation.

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