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If you have been convicted of a Dunwoody DUI offense (or any conviction in Dunwoody in which you received a probation sentence), then you are likely facing a year or more on supervised probation.   Probation is given as an alternative to jail and many people are relieved to have a probation sentence when they were fearing much worse.  However, probation comes with its own pitfalls.  Many probations officers are quick to violate probationers for anything and everything they can.  It is unfortunate when it seems that your Dunwoody area PO is setting you up to fail. 

If you are convicted of a Dunwoody DUI, the Judge will probably require that you go on supervised probation.  This means that you have to check in with a probation officer and pay a super high monthly fee to the probation office.  If you fall behind on paying the fee, or other fines and restitution the court may have ordered, your probation officer can file a violation.  Another way people violate their probation is when they miss an appointment or take a drug or alcohol screen and test dirty.  Getting behind on community service or not timely getting a test or screen are other ways in which you can get in trouble.  Sometimes you have lost your job, had a sick baby, or a broken down car that has prohibited you from being able to report to your PO.  They may not care what the reason is and file a violation of probation.  Then you will have to go to jail and face a probation revocation.  If your probation is revoked, you will spend the time you had left in jail.  Or you may have to serve a certain amount of jail time until you can be reinstated or reinstated with additional conditions.  Dunwoody prosecutors and probation officers are tough.  An experienced DUI attorney can help.  Call a Dunwoody DUI and probation violation attorney today for a free consultation

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