What does a BAC over .08 mean?

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The amount of alcohol in an individual's body is assessed by looking at the weight of the alcohol in a particular volume of blood.  This is known as blood alcohol concentration or BAC.  Roswell prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement officers believe that BAC measurements provide an objective way to determine if an individual driver is too impaired to drive. 

Blood alcohol content is expressed as grams of alcohol per deciliter (g/dl) of blood.  In Georgia, prosecuting attorneys will charge you with a "DUI per se" if your chemical test result is a .08 or over.    The reasoning is that at the .08 or higher level, everyone is drunk and no one is safe to drive a motor vehicle.  

Keep in mind that blood, breath, and urine tests that are administered by Roswell and Fulton County police officers can be extremely unreliable as there are a variety of factors that affect their reading.

If you are facing a North Fulton DUI, call Roswell DUI attorney Richard S. Lawson to discuss your case.  Mr. Lawson has significant experience challenging the results of breath tests and impeaching the law enforcement officers for improperly conducting DUI tests.  Contact Mr. Lawson's Roswell law office for a  free consultation today. 

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