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In Georgia, if you are charged with DUI, the legal limit is a .08.  If your blood or breath test reveal a blood alcohol content, BAC, at or exceeding a .08, you will be presumed to have driven impaired.  But how high is a .08?  It is interesting to put this into perspective.  It is generally understood that at a BAC of .03, a driver has a slowed reaction time, at BAC .05, there is said to be increased risk taking, at .10, there is said to be poor large muscle control and loss of balance, BAC .20 is the level for loss of emotional control, .30 BAC is loss of time and place orientation, BAC .35 leads drivers to have blackouts and stupor, and a .50 BAC is an alcohol overdose level that can lead to death.  A .74 BAC is the highest recorded blood alcohol level by an American Hospital. 

A man in Poland was in a car accident in the mid 1990s.  At the hospital his BAC was found to be 1.48.  The man had been drinking pure grain alcohol stolen from a chemical plant.  He died a few days later from accident related injuries. 

If you are facing an unjust DUI charge, the breath test and field sobriety tests can be contested.  Call DUI attorney Richard Lawson, serving the Roswell, Alpharetta, and  John's Creek area, to discuss your case.   

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