ADD, ADHD and Field Sobriety Tests

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When a driver is pulled over and the officer suspects the driver may be driving under the influence, the officer will usually speak with the driver for a few minutes, observe their appearance and behavior, and then administer field sobriety tests.  Especially in cases where the driver refuses a breath test, the field sobriety test are key evidence to the prosecuting attorneys in seeking DUI convictions.  The problem is that many drivers are affected by ADD or ADHD and may fail the field sobriety tests as the officer mistakes the symptoms of ADD/ADHD with the symptoms of alcoholic intoxication.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be easily confused with the common signs and symptoms of intoxication. Officers look for DUI drivers to have difficulty focusing their attention on simple tasks, difficulty following instructions, or who are non-responsive or do not comprehend the tasks the officer demands of them.  While these are symptoms of DUI, they are also signs of ADD or ADHD. 

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