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Have you recently been accused of DUI?

If you are arrested and charged with DUI in Roswell or Alpharetta, Georgia, or anywhere throughout the North Fulton County area, it is critical that you act quickly and contact a lawyer that can defend your charges. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, you will have access to dedicated and experienced attorneys. Many attorneys are general practitioners and do not have the over 19 years of experience that attorney Richard S. Lawson possesses. They will often take payment and then advise you to plead guilty to the DUI charge.

Richard Lawson has a background as a former DUI prosecutor and has a wealth of experience with jury trials and motions in Roswell, Alpharetta and surrounding areas. Our firm's focus is strictly on DUI defense - we utilize the most powerful and effective resources available for our clients. We can also bring in expert witnesses, doctors, investigators, and former law enforcement officers to help defend your case. In addition, we also understand the science behind the breath and blood tests commonly used as evidence in a DUI arrest.

Breath and Blood Tests
When a person is first pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving, an officer may require a driver to perform several tasks such as a breath test or a field sobriety test. If a breath test is requested, the driver must blow into a portable breath alcohol testing device to measure the approximate level of alcohol on his or her breath. These test results are often skewed, however, depending on the specific circumstances of the case. If the driver had one sip of an alcohol beverage just before getting behind the wheel, their blood alcohol concentration may not be over the legal limit, but the alcohol on their breath may suggest otherwise. Additionally, many factors are known to interfere with this type of testing device. Another type of testing that is done for drivers after they have been detained and taken back to the station is the blood test. This is a more thorough test to evaluate the level of alcohol in a person's blood. Click here to read more about breath and blood tests

We are prepared to aggressively defend our clients and walk you through the many components of a DUI charge. We can help explain the common steps involved in the DUI process and present a solid defense at your ALS hearing. If you are facing charges for refusals/alleged refusals to comply with the state administered chemical tests to determine blood alcohol content, then you could potentially face a one year suspension of your driver's license. These tests can include field sobriety tests and blood and breath tests that are administered at roadside checkpoints or on the side of the road. If you are arrested for a DUI offense in Georgia but are from out of state, you may still be required to attend hearings in Georgia. A DUI by out of state driver charge may also result in additional punishments from your home state, so contact a DUI lawyer today to begin building your defense.

If your charges include drugs & DUI (such as marijuana cases), prescription drugs & DUI, minor in possession of alcohol or DUI under 21, you will have to deal with the reality of a suspended license for a certain period of time. For individuals with prior DUI convictions within the last 10 years, the severe nature of the penalties may include felony charges and jail time. The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson have the experience to handle whatever type of DUI claim you might be facing, and can answer your tough questions regarding: plea bargain vs. trial, violation of probation, vehicular homicide, child endangerment , accidents and serious injury by vehicle, as well as answering the question: "Do I Need a Lawyer?"

Defending DUI Cases in Dunwoody, Chamblee, Doraville, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park and Sandy Springs

DUI convictions in Georgia have serious consequences; even your first DUI conviction can lead to one year in jail and a year of license suspension. If you are arrested and charged with a DUI, your first call should be to an experienced Roswell attorney. Your best defense begins with us. As a former DUI prosecutor, Richard Lawson is very familiar with the strategies that the prosecution will use in an attempt to convict you. Each case is unique and requires a complete review of the evidence by an skilled DUI attorney in order to properly defend your case.

The legal team at our firm is ready to review the evidence in your case and prepare a strong defense for your trial. We are experienced, aggressive, and dedicated to building the strongest possible defense for your case. We will examine your case and identify any faults in the arrest protocol, field sobriety test, and breathalyzer results that will improve your chances of a not guilty verdict.

If you are looking for the best DUI lawyer you can find, you have come to the right place! We have the extensive knowledge, tools and experience you are looking for in a DUI law firm, call us today!

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Contact a Roswell DUI attorney from the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson if you have been arrested and charged with any type of DUI offense.

We are proud to service the residents of the following areas: Dunwoody, Chamblee, Doraville, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, and Sandy Springs.

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